Strategic marketing services

Our SALINE Marketing experts can develop the key messaging, marketing strategy and content that will help you capture the attention of your target audiences. From producing high quality, shareable content for your website and social media channels, to creating compelling client case studies, blogs and brochures that will help you – and your sales team –  to tell your story, we can support you to reach the right people, with the right messages.

How we can help

We recognise that each organisation has different objectives, and needs a different combination of marketing activities to successfully reach their target audiences. These differ from sector to sector. Our experts will work with you to pinpoint your key marketing aims and objectives, and create a tailored action plan with a timeline that works for you.

We offer a suite of professional marketing services, including:

Strategic communications planning – whether you have a new product or service to launch, an event to promote, or need to give your organisation’s online presence a boost, we will assess and prioritise your most pressing marketing challenges, and create a bespoke marketing plan, with timelines and clear actions.

Core Messaging – the way you talk about your company – what you do and how and why you do it – is crucial to winning new business, but a lack of time and resources can often mean that this doesn’t get the focus it deserves. Our experts can help you build a coherent set of core messages that you can use as the foundation for all your communications, from web to direct emails to press releases.

Writing projects – our experienced writers can create the content you need, from compelling website copy and client case studies to thought leadership pieces, press releases and more.

Marketing collateral – we can work with you to produce clearly worded, attractive print and digital brochures and information pieces that will help your organisation to stand out.

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