From professional business auditing to staff training, Saline offers a range of services to help you grow your business.

Range of Services

Market Intelligence

If you are looking to explore a new sector or geographic territory, we provide market intelligence combined with hands-on business development. We ensure that you are speaking to key players in your target markets, giving you clear sight of the opportunities.

Supply Chain Engagement

Our knowledge and experience of growing SMEs and accessing major projects through Tier 1 supply chains makes us perfectly placed to deliver expert supply chain engagement programmes, working with the likes of county councils and Tier 1 contractors. As always, our programmes are focused on meeting sustainability goals, whilst delivering real world, usable advice and support to local businesses.

Business Development

Are you looking to grow your revenues in existing sectors, or tap into new ones? Saline staff have a proven track record of success, and will work as your business development partner to help you to meet or exceed your targets.

Sales Resource

Do you need additional resources to expand your business development activities? Whether you need to explore new market sectors or new territories, our experienced staff will work in close partnership with your team to deliver results.

Industry Connections

We help you to build long term partnerships with customers, and establish sustainable revenue growth for your business. We can ensure that you continue to secure new sales, based on your strategic goals.

Business Auditing

If your organisation is poised for change or in need of streamlining, we can help you work out the smartest path to future success. Our experts will conduct a thorough audit of your business, and deliver a report with recommended actions you can use right away to move your business forward.

Strategic Communications

We work with you to develop a tailored, multi-channel communications strategy that will ensure you capture the attention of your target audiences. We produce high quality web and social media content, and create compelling case studies, blogs and brochures that will help you tell your story.


Our engaging and informative training courses are led by industry experienced trainers. We work with a wide range of clients, from small businesses to large corporations, and we work closely with each client to identify training needs, and to develop a programme that is the right fit for them. The emphasis is on delivering useful, practical skills and techniques that can be applied to multiple business scenarios.

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Client Results

Leask Marine

Winning high-value projects for a prominent marine contractor. Leask Marine Ltd is an international marine contractor, providing vessel charter, commercial diving and marine construction services to clients all around the world. Based in Orkney, they were established in 1985 by founder Douglas Leask. Over the past 20 years Leask Marine has been at the forefront in supporting the marine renewables industry and has grown to become a world leader in…
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Leask Marine MultiCAT on the ocean


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