Business Auditing Services

At SALINE, we work with organisations of all sizes, helping them to grow, innovate, and achieve their business and sustainability goals.

If your organisation is poised for change or in need of streamlining, we can help you work out the smartest path to future success. Our experts will conduct a full audit of your business, and deliver a report with findings you can use right away to move your business forward. We can also support you to convert the findings into actions with clear recommendations for next steps.

How we can help

SALINE’s experience and industry knowledge enables us to deliver your bespoke audit, with clear results in 10 working days. We work with companies in a range of sectors such as construction and building, energy and renewables, environmental management and sustainability, innovation and design, and finance.

If you are a CEO, COO, MD or Project Director, we can help you and your stakeholders to improve your business performance through analysis of key success factors and goals, including:

  • Financial – providing expert perspective and advice on profit, growth and market share
  • Competitive Strategy – assessing how your business matches up to the competitors
  • Values – guiding your business towards driving innovation and achieving long-term recognition
  • Health, Safety and Environmental performance – providing actionable recommendations for improvements in the short-, mid- and long-term.
  • Outcomes – assessing and improving customer satisfaction for your business

Working with SALINE has enabled us to make crucial changes to the way we deliver our business. We’re excited to make a start, and optimistic for what the future will bring.

– Andy Havard, MD of Ian Williams Ltd, Auditing client, 2021. Read the full client case study here.

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